3DVIA your iPod #58: “3DVIA Safe, Part 2”


In Episode #54, Jonathan introduced 3DVIA Safe, and demonstrated how Secure 3D can be used to protect your intellectual property from reverse engineering. This week’s podcast shows another capability of 3DVIA Safe: “Right Manager”. Right Manager enables 3DVIA Composer authors to enable or disable certain functions in the 3DVIA Player.

Imagine if you had the flexibility to allow one 3DVIA Player user the ability to create cross-sections but not labels, or another user the ability to take measurements but not save them, or another user to only open the file for the next 10 days. With the Right Manager options of 3DVIA Safe, this flexibility becomes a reality. And not only can you set these options from within 3DVIA Composer, if you watch the previous podcast again, you will see Jonathan applying Right Manager options using 3DVIA Sync.

With 3DVIA Safe, you can not only protect your data from reverse engineering, you can also control the level of interactivity your downstream user will experience. It is this level of protection, control, and accessibility that – when combined with its exceptional performance — makes 3DVIA Player the best free player on the market.

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