Dewoitine D520 in 3DVIA Composer!


With apologies to our bilingual friends who have already seen this in a previous post, I am pleased to present to you a sample 3DVIA Composer file created by Laurent BEAUVAIS, a PLM Dassault Systèmes Consultant and also a big fan of fighter planes.

With his digital mockup of the Dewoitine D520 plane, Laurent created this assembly sequence during the weekend right after his first introduction to the product. (I especially like the part about how our users enjoy using 3DVIA Composer so much, that they like to use it in their spare time!)

That’s enough talking… click on the link below to download and explore this self executable file. Click on the “Play Views” button and enjoy the presentation! Click the “Stop Views” button at any time to stay on a particular view, or drag-and-drop any view to the graphical area to apply that view.

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