Visualization is not enough


We have said this many times: visualization is not enough; viewing 3D geometry does not add any value to anybody, whatsoever!

That may sound like a provocative statement, but this humorous anecdote from is a great example that not only is visualization not enough, it can be downright confusing.

Humor aside, it is not enough to simply look at a model on the screen, you need to learn something about that model. That model needs to tell you a story. So what matters most is context. When you can add additional product information to support the geometry, and can convey what should be done with that part and the ones around it, then you can tell a story and you can provide real value. The challenge is not so much about creating the story – because everybody has a story to tell – the challenge is having a way to tell a great story. You need a tool that is simple enough so anybody can create the context, in a very short amount of time, keep it up to date as the product information changes, and deliver that story in a variety of compelling ways.

3DVIA Composer is the superior way to use your 3D CAD data to tell great stories and to keep them up to date. That way, the next time your client looks over your shoulder, instead of being the subject for funny blog post, with 3DVIA Composer your client would simply say, “I get it.”

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