3DVIA your iPod #63: “SolidWorks: Heard!”


This week I am pleased to bring to you a podcast from solidworksheard.com, a site dedicated to providing tips, tricks, tutorials, or tech news on all things SolidWorks. 

In this episode, Lou Gallo offers his expert opinions and insights after taking a 3DVIA Composer training class. He discusses what the product does and how it fits into the SolidWorks family of products. He explains why 3DVIA Composer is not a “replacement” to existing tools, but is a wonderful compliment to help bridge the gap between CAD tools and documentation layout and publishing tools.

Lou also talks about the other modules of 3DVIA Composer, and highlights some examples and use cases as to when you would need to use them and what value they will bring.

And my favorite part comes at the end of the podcast — when you will hear Lou say how much he liked using the software. It’s yet another echo of what we hear from so many users, and is something of which we are very proud: our users love using 3DVIA Composer and how much productivity it brings to their everyday activities.

One comment to 3DVIA your iPod #63: “SolidWorks: Heard!”

  • Lou Gallo  says:

    Thank you for your post! The 3 days of training not only opened my eyes to what the tool was capable of but also allowed me to understand 3DVIA’s place in the market. I have already shown it to my entire team here and can’t wait to show it off next week at a product mixer event we are holding for about 75 of our customers and prospects! Thanks again for the plug! ~Lou

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