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Many people are familiar with this illusion of the “old lady, young lady” image. This old/new paradigm seems to be all the rage lately. On American television, we witness countless new reality shows featuring celebrities from the 80s and 90s, desperately trying to find new fame. While sometimes entertaining, there is also an embarrassing undertone to the shows, like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

It’s very similar to how PTC is reviving old Itedo Isodraw references and massaging them into wonderfully new Abortext Isodraw references. These retreads from the past, pure 2D technical illustration references, are being re-framed and re-branded as great new references that are fully leveraging 3D in new and innovative ways. While these references are sometimes entertaining, they are also incredibly misleading — they are still “old ladies”.

3DVIA Composer is faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than anything else on the market, and we continue to prove that in benchmark after benchmark. Don’t be fooled the next time you hear some propaganda from the competition, and be sure to put them to the test. It is the new architecture of 3DVIA Composer that is the only “young lady” in the picture.

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  • Khanon  says:


    I think it is quite easy to speak about benchmarks without really explain which the different criterions are, which products and versions are compared, and which kinds of usecases, features and data are used. So it could be interesting to publish some benchmarks. Concrete results could be interesting to strengthen your readers in their choice, but above all, to convert people which do not know these products…

    Best regards

  • Garth  says:

    Khanon, this is a great point and thank you for your comment. I am happy that you mentioned these challenges about claims of greatness, or of certain capabilities, and other grand statements by every vendor in our industry. This is definitely a topic for another post, but in the meantime I encourage all readers to try 3DVIA Composer for themselves, and create their own set of requirements and benchmarks and compare our solution with many others. Our customers and prospects repeatedly find that the performance, ease of use, and flexibility of 3DVIA Composer to be among the top in the industry and always included as one of the “finalists” to move into a detailed evaluation or pilot.

  • Khanon  says:

    Thanks for your answer, Garth.

    So, I will be waiting for a post which could give details and publish some of these benchmarks 😉

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