3DVIA your iPod #68: Dewoitine D520 animated!


You may recall the Dewoitine D520 example that Laurent BEAUVAIS had created in 3DVIA Composer. Mr. BEAUVAIS had done a fantastic job of creating all of the views needed to show how to assemble the model plane — and this podcast episode will show you how easy it is to reuse those views and build an animation from them.

3DVIA Composer is all about giving you many ways to reuse and leverage your content, so that you can get your job done more quickly than ever before.

One comment to 3DVIA your iPod #68: Dewoitine D520 animated!

  • Marcofa  says:

    Ipod 68: Remember to hold down CTRL when you move (copy) keys on the timeline. Small “+” at right of mouse arrow appear.

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