3DVIA your iPod #75: “Really fast ballooning”

This week, Tod continues to build out his technical illustration that he started last week. He covers several options for ballooning the illustration, and then outputs the view to line art format.

Watch closely as he performs the following:

  • Sets up the default balloon widthC
  • Creates Bill Of Material id’s for different levels of the assembly
  • Creates BOM id’s using part names and meta properties
  • Controls the how the balloons are aligned
  • Quickly changes the styling of the balloons
  • Updates a view with his changes
  • Outputs the view to an interactive line art (CGM4 or SVG) while controlling the desired line weights of outlines, silhouettes, and shadows

It takes Tod less then 5 minutes to cover these topics and generate a fully interactive technical illustration. And if that isn’t fast enough, it would take him less than 30 seconds if he wasn’t providing the instructions!

Now think about how much more productive your technical illustrators could be if they were using 3DVIA Composer…

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