Customers speak out!

Recently, I received some user comments to several blog posts. Normally I strive for non-censorsed, authentic content. Unfortunately, this user insisted on making personal attacks at me as well as other rude comments that do not bear repetition.

Among the fluff, this user did manage to articulate a point, and here is the text:

All I read about is how everyone else is terrible and Seemage is great, but I don’t hear discussions about business value that you guys have delivered. You should really start taking the high road, as I know Seemage is a decent product but this kind of lame, baseless contempt for the competition is becoming a standing joke amongst my peers. For those of us looking to buy Seemage, it would help if I didn’t have to explain to my executives why your blog always sounds like you guys have your backs against the wall….Help a brother out!

So to “help the brother out”, here is a recent email that I received from a customer, explaining why 3DVIA Composer (aka Seemage), is great:

Still very pleased with Composer… very pleased.  I demo and use many other 3d programs while working as a technical illustrator in the area of machines and mechanical.  I find that Composer streamlines so much… and so wonderfully for quality illustrations in line and image files from engineering data. We are pushing it to limits where we are accustomed to using IsoDraw Cad Process as our solution for line art deliverables in CGM file format.  I have found a vast speed and quality using Composer while only using IsoDraw as a last touch on the 2d side.

Off the record,… if you like… I have worked several other demos, possibly competitors to Composer in my opinion; I have personally purchased a few… (this is part of my other 3D interests other than engineering) I find that Composer has the highest mark not only in the streamline intuitive control… but, above all with the connection to valued engineering data.

Three months ago when I searched the Internet to research the actual program Composer, I learned the path and history of it’s beginnings with Seemage and was amazed.  Turns out, I think I had looked at Seemage a little more than a year ago and was impressed then.  At that time, I was looking at other personal 3D interests.

By the way… that 350mb file I spoke of was so easy to view, flip and turn to move in and out… I keep making my writers dizzy.  Five minutes of consultation with a writer sitting at my desk while using Composer for decisions… takes the place, in my opinion (conservatively speaking), of very close to more that 2 weeks of cross-communications while using IsoDraw as a Cad Process.  Just think how happy I am that we might have to return to the old way…(not happy).

Best wishes again to your team efforts,

When I asked this person if I could reuse his email in a blog post, here is what he said:

Sure… use anything you wish, not a problem using my name if you it will help you personalize your comments.  Actually, the off the record was a pun.  I know some of the riff that has happened between RightHemisphere and Composer. I have Deep Explorer, Paint and UV all standard versions.  RH is good for a number of file conversions; however I haven’t found it very useful for technical illustration.  I’m sure it can work in certain areas of tech illustration since TI is a very broad area.  My immediate concerns are focused to producing military specification illustrations which is much different.

I have Blender, Silo, Softimage, TrueSpace, Carrara, Poser Pro, AC3D, Daz Studio, Hexagon and more in the list of software I practice with and use at home in my spare time.  You can find ways to do things in many 3D and 2D programs, I will admit.  However, when you find a software package that is tuned like a sports car for specific practical production… like Composer… gosh, you just have to admit how great this can be in your life.  I move between these programs often and find that Composer had the most wonderful blend of 3d mouse and keyboard moves allowing ease of navigation and working.

If I want a figure, I am in Poser, Softimage and the like.  If I want full reality photo image, I am picking my preferred software and render engine.  3D is like that and in six years watching the world of 3D growing like kudzu, you can’t let the grass grow under your feet.

Sorry that I don’t participate in your blog or forum at the moment, I am just not in the mood these days to commit to forum like conversations.  I do look there at times and enjoy seeing people concentrating their thoughts.  Some day, I will pass on any things I think I may have discovered, just to add to ideas.

Thanks and always best wishes

I get a lot of feedback just like this, and it does tend to make one proud. So when I stand up on the soapbox and start preaching the greatness of Composer, it is because we have such passionate customers.

Enough said!

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