3DVIA your iPod #76: “Automatic Layout Positioning, and Project Mode” (English Version)

This week I would like to welcome a guest podcaster from SolidWorks Germany,  Markus Koechl, who not only brings us a great tip, but also brought us our very first German-language podcast last week!

Today Markus demonstrates how to use 3DVIA Composer to import CAD sub-assemblies and have them automatically and properly positioned relative to other sub-assemblies. This powerful ability allows massive assemblies — along with multi-CAD assemblies — to be broken up and easily imported into 3DVIA Composer. You may never have seen the full assembly before, or may not even have the full assembly at all, and now you can bring all of the data together into a high-performing 3DVIA Composer environment for repurposing into 2D and 3D documentation.

Markus also describes the “Project Mode” of 3DVIA Composer, and cites some of the benefits of using this mode. Many thanks to Markus for this excellent example!

If you have ideas, like these, for future 3DVIA Composer podcast episodes, please let us know!

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