3DVIA your iPod #80: “Custom PDF Templates”

If you have ever wanted to publish Composer content to a PDF, and wanted to change the look of the resulting PDF file, this is the podcast episode you have been waiting for!

Again it was Jonathan who showed me a great idea: use a familiar tool like Word or PowerPoint to build the layout of your desired PDF template, then convert it to a PDF. Then it is a simple matter to use Adobe Acrobat to indicate where Composer should embed the 3D content.

Then Presto! Your Composer data can now be easily embedded into your customized PDF file.

3 comments to 3DVIA your iPod #80: “Custom PDF Templates”

  • Aldebaran  says:


    3DVIAComposer users will probably have to wait a little bit more for this podcast episode because its link seems to be missing :-p


  • Garth  says:


  • Yannick  says:

    Happy to see how well it’s working… Hi to everyone at Green Side!

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