3DMojo Video Podcasts: now over 100,000 downloads!

3DVIA Composer 10,000+ podcasts

I am extremely pleased to announce that this past weekend, we have surpassed 100,000 downloads of our 3DVIA Composer video podcasts.

Just over 2 years ago, I was crashing a trade show and needed a way to show prospects something about our product. Something visual and portable that I could use to highlight some interesting capabilities and examples of 3DVIA Composer. Toting my laptop around was not an option, and I thought to myself “if only I could hold something in my hand and show some examples of interactive documentation and animations”… and then I it hit me that I could use Composer to create some AVIs, and then convert those AVIs to iPod format and download them to my new video iPod. And thus our podcast series was born, with our very first podcast on November 6, 2006.

Now, over 80 podcasts later and 100,000 downloads in the past 2 years — and some copycat activity from our competitors — I can safely say that this has been a phenominal success!

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