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Happy New Year everyone!

Take a look at this article about Creation, a UK-based company that is making great use of 3DVIA Composer to bring real-time on-demand service instructions to in-service vehicles. (That’s my attempt for the New Year to link as many hyphenated words together in once sentence as possible!)

As mentioned in the article:

3DVIA Composer coupled with on-board vehicle breakage detectors provide condition reports and repair instructions that are also transmitted to base. 3D animated repair options are presented to the crew providing them the information they need to make better decisions in the event of breakage. This application of 3DVIA Composer is based on the same technical publications data that accompanies the vehicle into service to provide Z fleet operators with lower through life costs resulting from this advanced source of information.

It is another example of how leveraging 3D design data, adding relevant experience and context into it, and then using it to communicate to downstream users can save money. It’s not just something neat and nice to have… it’s an “advanced source of information” that helps to lower costs and improve capabilities in the field.

As the article continues:

This use of 3DVIA Composer is a good example of a technology strategy being transferred in to an application that will prove advantageous to crews in the field as well as reducing through life cost.

Creating 3D-based documentation has the added advantage of re-usability of content:

The same 3DVIA Composer data is available to fleet operators who save cost by applying it to re-use existing modular component stocks as well as being able to benefit from the advanced 3D animated operation instructions and maintenance engineer training capabilities that the software offers.

In this case, not only is Creation saving money and improving operations with 3DVIA Composer, they are actually making their vehicles safer and more capable — and that is something that helps increase the value of their brand, a concept that is ever more important in today’s economy.

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