Military Embedded Systems article

Interesting editorial in the Military Embedded Systems Technology Feature, written by Jeff Covert. There is a 3DVIA Composer video sample in the side bar.

I like his introduction to the side bar:

Gone are the days of trial and error, along with expensive mistakes and long training periods inherent in using static data. For example, when the avionics module is redesigned, the changes are automatically updated in the training materials. That means zero rewrites, quality checks, or out-of-revision documentation. This completely efficient process is made possible by leveraging the data found inside your PLM system.

The rest of the article is also interseting, and covers several other use cases.

The connection of PLM to the product documentation offers one additional benefit: the ability to have a full impact analysis of a proposed part change. Imagine being able to fully understand the scope of that change all the way to the specific documents that will be affected, and then have a way to seamlessly and automatically drive the updates and revisions to those documents. This can also provide the full cost of that change (and not just the engineering cost). I believe that you will see more and more of this in the future.

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