3DVIA Composer helps to build sustainable energy!


I found this article yesterday from Your Renewable News and thought I’d share it with you.

It mostly talks about the application of Dassault Systèmes software in a very sophisticated and experimental fusion energy devices called JET and its soon to be built ITER. Here’s an explanation from the article about this really cool sustainable energy device:

JET (Joint European Torus), located at Culham, UK, is a an experimental fusion energy device in which, by creating temperatures greater than that of the sun (around 100 million degrees C) and applying magnetic confinement, fusion of atomic nuclei takes place. The next stage of fusion technology development has started with the building of ITER, which is eight times larger in volume than JET. ITER is one of the most challenging scientific experiments ever undertaken, leading initially to a trial generating station followed by full-scale generators, supplying fusion energy to the grid by the end of this century.

There is a mention of 3DVIA Composer too, where one of the suppliers (Oxford Technologies) explains how it has enabled more effective communication and  understanding of how complex systems interact, augmenting all of the production efficiencies they have gained by adopting DS software.

Overall, as a guy who studied sustainability in university, I think it’s a pretty interesting application of technology, and I’m thrilled that we’re a part of it!

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