Getting your CAD data into your iPhone


UPDATED INFORMATION: Using the latest iPhone 3GS updates, you can now get up to 100,000 triangles into 3DVIA Mobile.

We used many 3DVIA tools together (, 3DVIA Composer, 3DVIA Mobile) into one video to show how our users can take advantage of all the new 3D technologies we offer.

In this video, Cliff play’s the role of a Copier Salesman, Emmy is an Office Manager (the customer), and I play the Product Manager. Cliff and I work together to easily solve a problem using 3DVIA.

Oh, and the images of me only pretending to be busy? Completely untrue. 🙂

We must give credit to the 3D models used in this video:

– The Audi Tt by jled

ScubaGarths Copier:  Before, and After

– And, a cameo appearance by Tex-Rex by IsaacMiller1993

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