3DVIA Composer helps students communicate at Taiwan OCU University

The full press release can be found here.

The quick summary: The Taiwan Overseas Chinese University has selected 3DVIA Composer in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM). The department’s hand-selected students will use 3DVIA Composer to present their system integration ideas and plans professionally and with the ability to be exported into various widely accepted formats.

According to Professor Wang Tsung-Jung

With this new product documentation tool, our students are able to go beyond CAD capabilities and deliver quicker and more advanced projects,” said Professor Wang. “With 3DVIA Composer, students will understand how having an advanced technology can improve the product and process design while decreasing time-to-market. The department is very practice-driven and foresees that 3DVIA Composer will help students gain important hands-on experiences, thus increasing their job opportunities.

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