HydroChina Chengdu Engineering Corporation (CHIDI) selects 3DVIA Composer

Full press release can be found here.

Over the years, you have seen that 3DVIA Composer has many uses across many industries. Here is another usage in the Energy industry:

CHIDI, which is recognized as one of the world’s major hydropower R&D organizations, has played an intrinsic role in the design and development of many of China’s most famous hydropower plants, including Ertan Hydropower Plant, currently the highest dam and largest hydropower plant built in Asia, Xiluodu Hydropower Plant on the Jinsha River, the world’s second largest hydropower plant, and Jinping Stage 1 Hydropower Station, the world’s highest arch dam with a height of 305m. To expand its reach and reputation, CHIDI decided to implement a PLM solution to improve its design quality and overall project management proficiency.


Specifically for 3DVIA Composer:

In addition, CHIDI is using 3DVIA Composer to produce 3D documentation for publications, ensuring effective communication with proprietors and construction units.


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