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Arburg, a leading manufacturer of injection molding machines in Germany, is using 3DVIA Composer and other Dassault Systèmes products to achive some interesting gains. Click here to see the entire article @ Product Design & Development to learn more.

They are using 3DVIA Composer for technical documentation, spare parts lists, and 3D repair instructions. A snippet from the article regarding 3DVIA Composer:

“We generate the technical documentation directly from the CATIA files using 3DVIA Composer, which saves us a lot of time,” says Klaus Mayer, Head of the CAD/CAM Development department. 

In addition to three-dimensional repair instructions, 3DVIA Composer also automatically generates spare-parts lists that customers can access for online ordering. 

While technical documentation may seem like a less glamorous solution compared with 3D product design and simulation, 3DVIA Composer performs a vital service for Arburg’s customers.

Because companies are increasingly comprised of branches and employees located across the world, language barriers pose diverse challenges for collaborative product development.

By providing repair instructions that involve 3D visual models, 3DVIA Composer allows companies to completely bypass any confusion and respect the dialectal differences of its entire staff.  After all, a screw and a bolt look the same no matter where a person resides.


Arburg injection molding machine

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