3DVIA your iPod#89: 3DVIA Path Planning

So just what is 3DVIA Path Planning?

This latest press release explains that it is a totally seamless integration between 3DVIA Composer and the Kineo CAM path planning engine, enabling the automatic creation of non-colliding animated sequences.

It is really amazing technology for situations when you have some tight-fitting parts and need to explain how to manipulate them for assembly or service instructions. These are the types of procedures where an animation is the ideal way to deliver precise information — but creating these animations is often tricky and time consuming (if you want to get it right).

3DVIA Path Planning automates this work, so you can provide a “lifelike experience” about how to remove or assemble parts to ensure complete understanding. Check out the video podcast for a few examples of 3DVIA Path Planning.

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