3DVIA Composer helping DLP to help the disabled

This customer story was released on the solidworks.com website a couple of days ago. It’s about DLP Ltd., a UK-based company that specializes in manufacturing “barrier-free and low level access shower bases and specialist shower doors, enhancing independence, well-being and quality of life,” under the trade name AKW.

Along with using SolidWorks for their design, they are using 3DVIA Composer to more quickly create technical illustrations for installation manuals that get delivered around the world. How much more quickly? How about an 80% time savings! Pretty impressive!

According to DLP Technical Author Paul Smith:

3DVIA Composer allows us to export high quality technical line drawings for producing detailed installation instructions. By creating these technical views quickly and exporting them in a simple usable format, we have saved most of the time it had taken us to create views manually in SolidWorks.

AKW Mullen Shower Base

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