Cool 3DVIA Composer demo video

Thanks to DSRussiaPS on YouTube for this demo video. And a pretty funky audio track too.

At around 1:36, there is a “technical illustration-looking” view that is created, with cables in red. I don’t have the exact same demo file, but I offer a suggestion to anybody watching it. Instead of using silhouette mode on the exterior/frame components — which makes the parts see-through — I would make the parts white in color and set their appearnce to “Flat Technical”. Then I would elevate the priority of the red cables to +1.  It gives a better sense of depth and location context, with the added benefit that you can show a colored background (since the parts are not see-through). It creates the following effect:

Sihouette Mode


Flat Technical Mode w/Priority Setting

And for you users of 3DVIA Composer V6R2010 and newer, don’t forget about our ShadowCaster technology when publishing technical illustrations.  More on that later.

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