Interview in ETM Magazine

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for an “ask the experts” series on Enterprise Technology Magazine.

Here is the on-line version of the magazine, see page 50 for the transcription of the interview.

The questions I was asked:

  • Can you give our audience a brief overview of 3DVIA and 3D – how does it work?
  • What are the main benefits for businesses that are looking to implement this type of technology?
  • I’d like to touch on the bottom line because I know it’s still a concern for most businesses today. How is 3D a cost saver?
  • Can you give us a case study that highlights how 3DVIA works and what it has achieved so far?
  • Now let’s look to the future. What will you be focussing on this year, and where do you see 3D going in the future?

Only a couple of typos in the transcription… see if you can catch them! 🙂

3 comments to Interview in ETM Magazine

  • Cliff  says:

    Nice job Garth…you are the master of 3D sound-bites.

  • Abu  says:

    Nice interview… especially liked “KaVo implementing Composer” case-study…

  • Garth  says:

    Glad you liked the article!

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