Fukushima Reactor: Events Leading to Hydrogen Explosion

Shuji, from our Japan team, wanted to explain to us the sequence of events leading up to the hydrogen explosion at the Fukushima reactor. He found a 3D model of the reactor and loaded it into 3DVIA Composer. He then merged in some additional geometry (piping, rods, etc), and quickly built an animation detailing the various technical details that occurred after the catastrophic earthquake a few weeks ago.

Using 3D animations in this way — to educate and explain technical concepts — provides a simple and compelling way to quickly create and information. Thanks to Shuji for preparing this information in 3DVIA Composer, it is very interesting to understand the sequence of events describing this very unfortunate disaster.

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  • Ray Kelley  says:

    Is there a way to access these podacasts/Todcasts away from youtube? My company blocks access to these videos through the embedded links on 3dmojo.com because they’re from youtube, and I can’t even get on youtube.com/3DVIAComposer. Is there another access/download method or another web source I can try? Thanks.

    • Garth  says:

      Hi Ray,

      We used to push the videos through iTunes, but I suspect that your company might also block that too?

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