3DVIA Composer brings virtual online training to “A Roof in My Country” in Argentina

This announcement was posted a few days ago:

“Un Techo Para Mi Pais,” (UTPMP), recognized by the United Nations as one of the non-governmental organizations best suited for public-private partnerships, gives disadvantaged families a new start by offering the security found in a new home,  along with the social, educational and micro-financing services needed to create a responsive community or “barrio” where they can thrive.

But like many volunteer organizations, UTPMP faces the challenge of how best to train new volunteers while capturing the lessons learned by others leaving the organization.  To do this, UTPMP is creating a real-time and online 3D community for sharing and retaining organizational knowledge.

3DVIA Composer to the rescue! This sort of remote training is ideally suited for strong “Product Explanations” by empowering non-CAD experts with 3DVIA Composer to enrich 3D data — to easily build interactive and animated experiences and deliver them to remote support personnel:

With 3DVIA Composer, UTPMP can efficiently facilitate volunteer training through the use of the latest technical documentation and 3D animation technologies. Leveraging these forms of visual communication enables UTPMP teams to more clearly understand technical content. This also helps UTPMP create online communities that have easy access to project content such as training guides, service and maintenance manuals, and assembly instructions.

You can read the full press release here.

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