Australian Navy gets ‘serious’ with game technology

Happy first day of summer, here in the northern hemisphere! Down under, the Australian Navy has embarked on a project called REFINE (Realtime Engineering Fleet training Interactive Naval Environment), with help from our partner Invenio.

From this article on PACE news:

Invenio’s REFINE solution specifically addresses naval training requirements by immersing naval cadets in a virtual representation of the ship on which they will serve.

Real-life scenarios that can be replicated include operating navigating equipment, fighting a fire, launching the ship’s boat, responding to damage control or a call to action stations.

Pretty cool concept, a sort of “PLM-connected serious game” thanks to 3DVIA Studio Pro and 3DVIA Composer. Using powerful game engine technology, the user not only has a solid virtual training environment, but can use in-game controls to easily access PLM data and interactive technical publications (check for the 3DVIA Composer Player content appearing at 1:10 of the video, and again at 2:19. Virtual learning helps the sailors get prepared for success more quickly than traditional methods, before they even set foot on a ship.

And here’s a shout-out to our recently released game technology:

Invenio managing director Ivan Meisel says 3DVIA Studio Pro is a game engine with a critical advantage – it can directly import the Computer Aided Design (CAD) data that has been used to design and build the ships.

“Other game engines require users to completely remodel the highly detailed CAD data into optimised polygons before importing the information,” says Meisel.

“With 3DVIA Studio Pro, the re-modelling of CAD data into optimised polygons is completed automatically in the export process, removing much of the development time and cost.

“Any changes to the source CAD data can be automatically propagated to the 3DVIA Studio project and any training material can be created from it.”

Enjoy the video!

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  • Dave Simper  says:

    Thanks for posting Garth! Thanks also for your help developing the PLM-Aware Serious Games concept. It’s starting to grow legs here in Oz. Cheers!

    • Garth  says:

      Hi Dave — you guys have done some impressive work! Nicely done!

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