TodCast #3: Animating Conveyors

For those of us in the northern hemisphere — hot enough for ya? Welcome to the dog days of summer! To help keep you cool, Tod has put together a set of tips and tricks that will turn complicated animations into quick and easy work — getting you out of the hot seat, on your way home, and into your hammock in no time!

Tod shows how powerful yet easy it is to mix up and incorporate some advanced stuff: assembly groups, parent/inherited animations, assembly selection mode, grid snapping, primitives, timeline filtering by selected objects… just to name a few.


5 comments to TodCast #3: Animating Conveyors

  • Jaz Lee  says:

    This is a great video thanks for sharing. I stumbled across it when researching about conveyorsand conveyor systems.

  • Georgina Clark  says:

    This is really clever stuff what you can do. Can you do that kind of thing with these conveyors?

  • Tod  says:

    Hi Georgina,
    Sorry I did not notice teh post but absolutly you can do this kind of animation on the conveyers you linked to.
    Hopefully you can have fun animating conveyers in Composer yourself.


  • Heather Nowton  says:

    Cool video. I would love to have a go at animating this

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