TodCast #7: Complex Animation Movements Made Easy!

We’re back this week with the latest TodCast. This time, Tod breaks down the fundamentals adding multiple levels to an assembly in order to easily create complex animation movements in 3DVIA Composer. Who knows, you might even be able to pick up a few new skateboarding tricks as well!

5 comments to TodCast #7: Complex Animation Movements Made Easy!

  • Rick @churchpartner  says:

    Really amazing 3D creation here. Just found out on how the 3D movies and other animated work with it… Hope to find more tricks on 3D here.. Am interested and fun watching the video presentation here. Thanks!

  • conveyor  says:

    Does it matter what you call each assembly?

  • Tod  says:

    Naming does not matter. Its just for your reference.

  • BoB_McBoB  says:

    great video.

    im pretty sure its called an “Ollie” though, not holly 😉

  • Tod  says:

    Shows how much I know about skateboarding

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