Check out how 3DVIA Composer rocked JL Audio assembly instructions !

JL Audio is a company that makes high-end speakers and other audio devices for everything from cars, to boats, to motorcycles, anything you can imagine.

They had an issue that was on the assembly end. Basically, how do you deliver quality, intuitive instructions that have many applications (how do you install one speaker model in several different cars or boats) and still meet the customers’ high standards?

To solve this issue, JL Audio uses SolidWorks Composer to convert their 3D CAD speaker models into images and animations for assembly instructions and product manuals. It takes less time than taking photos and  the Composer images look a lot better than the digital photos JL Audio had used previously.  Check out these before/after pictures to get a better idea :

Before :

Installation visuals before 3DVIA Composer

After :

Installation visuals with 3DVIA Composer

Video :

Instead of using a block of wood to resemble a $100,000 boat that you are attaching the speakers to, JL was able to represent the overhead bar of the boat with an actual cylinder with the help of Composer.  The images are much more professional, but the best part of using the software is that the “after” instructions took less time to create.

JL Audio uses SolidWorks Composer  to create their 3D communication. As a result, it has cut down cost, production time, and many errors.

Please find attached JL Audio case study if you need more information.

JL Audio pdf

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