How Sany uses 3DVIA Composer to provide intuitive training and operating instructions.

3DVIA Composer has been used in a very effective way by one of our clients that belong to Industrial Equipment Industry in their training and operating instruction creation process and we wanted to share their use with you.

SANY Group is the sixth largest construction machinery producer in the world, with a diverse product line of concrete machinery, excavators, crawler cranes, truck cranes, pile driving machinery, road construction machinery, port machinery, and wind turbine solutions.

Sany is using 3DVIA Composer in 3 Steps :

Step 1

Process engineers import product 3D models into the application, design and create the assembly animation, adding necessary collaborators and annotation.

Sany screen 1


Step 2

In the operation standard editor, process engineers embed the animation in the correct position, matching the text outline. The results are then previewed.

Sany screen 2


Step 3

The whole 3D operation standard, consisting of text, 2D images and 3D animation are then released and uploaded to MES machine, which is placed beside the assembly line. Workers can watch and interact with just a finger touching the PC screen.

Sany screen 3

When they touch the picture it goes full screen :

Sany screen 4


Here is a picture showing how 3DVIA Composer and a touch screen can help the workers in the shop floor.

Sany screen 6

Sany has also provided to its workers an intuitive way of training with 3D illustrations and animations that are easy to understand.

Here is a picture showing the workers in a training session :

Sany screen 5


Here is a video explaining how to assemble one of Sany’s product. This videos shows a great use of 3DVIA Composer :


Finally, Sany is using 3DVIA Composer to improve its workers knowledge and productivity through high quality animations available on a touch screen. They’re also using our software to train their workers and make them understand how to assemble the different products.

What about your company ? How is 3DVIA Composer helping you ?


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