Communicate with Composer ? Pol Eko has done it !

3DVIA Composer has been used in a very effective way by Pol Eko in Life Sciences industry to simplify their communication process and I wanted to share their use with you.

Pol Eko Aparatura is a producer of laboratory equipment, such as thermostatic cabinets, laboratory freezers, incubators, drying overs and climatic chambers. The company is also the first Polish manufacturer of waste water receipt stations.

The company had difficulties to show its products to its customers. They needed an effective tool that can showcase their product as the customer want it and in a short period of time.

3DVIA Composer allowed Pol Eko to show case laboratory equipment and laboratory rooms to its customer in high quality illustrations.

Here are some examples:

Pol Eko Screen 1

Pol Eko Screen 2





Pol Eko Screen 1

Pol Eko Screen 4

Other than improving its communication toward its customer thanks to high quality 3D illustrations, they also used 3DVIA Composer to create high quality assembly instructions in paper format and also in animation.

Here is an example of their video:

As you can see, 3DVIA Composer helped Pol Eko Aparatura to improve its communication toward its customer, allowing the company to win a big deal thanks to high quality 3D illustrations done in a short period of time. 3DVIA Composer also improve its assembly instruction process, reducing the time spent for creating an assembly instruction while improving its quality.

What about your company ? Do you have multiple use for 3DVIA Composer ?



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