Create Mobile Presentations Using 3DVIA Spotlights & Your 3DVIA Composer Content

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Today I’d like to show you how you can present your 3DVIA Composer content combined with images, videos, documents and other supporting materials in a mobile setting using your iPad or iPhone and a 3DVIA Spotlight. This post is a quick look at the workflow for publishing your 3DVIA Composer files to, adding supporting materials and then creating a mobile 3DVIA Spotlight presentation. is an online storage spot for your 3DVIA Composer content published  as model files. You then add your supporting files to the models. The 3DVIA Spotlight you create contains the model files you choose and allows you to present your content wherever you have a WiFi connection. Many questions about can be answered by viewing the FAQ.

The extensive example shown above on the iPad combines files and related company materials to create a 3DVIA Spotlight presentation. To view it follow this link and then email the 3DVIA Spotlight link to yourself by clicking on the “Send to…” and then the “Share With” tools.

On your mobile device check your email for the invitation and click on the link to the 3DVIA Spotlight. The images, videos and documents will be viewable. In order to view the 3D models, you will need to sign up for a free account on and download and install on your device the 3DVIA Mobile HD app from the Apple App Store for $4.99. Be sure to go to the 3DVIA Mobile HD app settings and change the model size limit to “Unlimited”.

Other good examples can be found on the Featured 3DVIA Spotlights page.

Creating your own 3DVIA Spotlight presentation also starts by signing up for a free account on A Basic free account gives you 2GB of online storage space, lets you publish your 3DVIA Composer content to and then create and edit a 3DVIA Spotlight. Once you have activated your account you can publish your 3DVIA Composer files directly from 3DVIA Composer to


You can also create an account directly from 3DVIA Composer (red ellipse) during the publishing process.

During publishing you have the choice to upload just the 3DVIA Composer model or the whole 3DVIA Composer Experience (green ellipse).

(model by mserafim)

Including the 3DVIA Composer Player allows the viewer of the model on to click on the 3DVIA Composer icon and open the 3DVIA Composer Player or 3DVIA Composer Player Pro directly from the model page. This gives them direct access to the interactive materials you’ve already created in 3DVIA Composer.


Once your 3DVIA Composer model is published, it will have its own page on, which is where you add the content that you’ll use to make your mobile presentation. The model page on the left shows a just-published model and the one on the right has a description, rendered images, a document and a link to a video.

When your models on are ready, follow the process outlined in the Making Great Spotlights document. Clicking the link will automatically download it for you.

If you have questions you can contact me directly. Click on the “Send a message” on my home page.

Don Swavely

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