AEC Needs Better Work Instructions, too

construction safety

3DVIA Composer gets lots of use in different kinds of manufacturing organizations, but the basic value of having clear and concise work instructions can benefit other industries.  For instance, In the AEC industry worker safety is a top concern.  Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world incurring more occupational fatalities in both the United States and European Union than any other sector.  Of course, there are obvious safety concerns if you assemble an airplane or automobile incorrectly, but most assembly workers are seldom at risk and problems are likely to be found in QA and testing, well before the plane has passengers.  In construction, installing a 7th story window incorrectly could lead to fatal consequences (construction workers wear hard hats for a reason!)

Another difference between manufacturing and construction is the work force.  While assembly line workers are typically well trained and become proficient at their specific tasks, construction laborers often move from job to job.  Each job may have different construction specifications and standards, product manufacturers and installation requirements.  For the average laborer, becoming proficient is very difficult.   Proper and current work instructions are critically important to ensure construction is done properly.

If you want to learn more about the AEC industry and their challenges and how better work instructions help you should read this new whitepaper: Work Smart, Work Safe, Work Productively


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