Step 2 - PlaysetThis post is a bit different from most as it relates directly to a recent experience in putting together a swing set for my children over the weekend.  This project started out with much excitement and even more of a commitment to get this project finished well before the cold winter weather comes to the Northeast.  Considering I have a background with 3DVIA Composer, I was confident that my predisposition led me to think that the directions for this swing set would be logical and well-planned…. as you can imagine probably it was disappointing and even more frustrating the further we got into this project.  To reiterate the point, my brothers and I worked through the initial construction of the base structure three times because the instructions provided were simply inadequate and did not provide the necessary details…although I would admit that there may have been some incompetence through this process but the point still remains.  To be fair, the instructions provided did offer a good overview of what needed to be built however we found on multiple occasions that a number of the structural elements were installed incorrectly because adequate information was not provided.   For example on Step 2, there is a general view of the base structure, and it looks to be straightforward (take note of G3).  To my dismay, I discovered six steps and more than 250 pieces later two key elements that needed to be reversed before proceeding. Step 8 - Playset Looking closer at Step 8, notice that the H7 piece is a supporting cross member for the floor above however the pre-drilled holes (labeled near G3) are barely mentioned.  Rather than simply drilling new holes to overcome this obstacle we chose to do it the right way and disassemble a good portion of the structure.  Now, the point of highlighting this is to show that even though my brothers and I overcame this problem it took a considerable amount of time and a bit of effort to disassemble and reassemble the structure.  Looking at this process through the lens of a customer it is easy to see how the lack of minor but essential details in our product documentation can easily remove the excitement that our customers have for the products we work so hard to create.

Dominick D. Gallegos

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