Bio and Tough Mudder Excursion

Hello, my name is Tod, author of the “world renowned” TodCast’s on the blog. You may have seen me on the Forum as user Goatshrink. Long story but let’s just say it was once a massacre of my last name and it kinda stuck.
I’ve been a visual communicator forever, graduating from UW stout with an industrial design degree in 1982. Of course I was only two at the time that makes me in my 30’s still, right? I guess I’m trying to stay young by doing things like the Tough Mudder Challenge. This last one did not quite go as expected.

Aside from my weekend warrior excursions I’ve been a long time animator and Pixar wannabe. I love communicating through animation. Hopefully some of my Tips and tricks will help make your lives as communicators a little easier.

One non related Composer tip. When climbing over high walls its probably a better idea to climb down and not yell Boo Rah and jump off.


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