Moving multiple parts with “Local Transform”

Composer has many useful functions to help your authoring processes faster and more enjoyable.

Select_instances - Copy
The first function I would like to introduce is “Select Instances” that can select all the same geometry referenced in several positions of the model.

Multiple_selection - Copy
With this function, you can select multiple instances with just one click.

Local_transformation - Copy
Then, select Transform > Multiple Gizmos and Local Transform.

Multiple_gizmos - Copy
Multiple Gizmos will display the axis arrows for each part selected in the previous operation.

This will visualize the direction of the possible part movements. Please note that the green arrows are directing outward for each tire.

Moving_parts - Copy
When you drag one of the green arrows, you can see that each part is moving to the direction indicated by the arrows. When the Local Transform is enabled, all selected parts move along their own directions going outward from the assembled car, instead of all of them going toward the same direction.

The benefit of this function is that with one single operation, you can assign the same movements to all the referenced parts. There are many cases in illustration creation or assembly instruction creation where you need to disassemble multiple parts, and this function should save time and avoid errors by moving instances to their appropriate positions with the same amount.


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