TodCast #26 3DVIA becomes CATIA Composer

You probably noticed some changes when you got to 3DMOJO.

New logo and colors, whats up? You might say, “but I’m not a CATIA user.”  Not to worry, its all good 3DVIA Composer is now called CATIA Composer.  This is an exciting development which promises to be help for all Composer users.

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes’ pioneer brand. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation. As Composer is professional content authoring software for the communication of engineering data, it makes sense to bring it into the CATIA family.

This transition allows us to access the latest CAD technologies, ensuring CATIA Composer is up to date with current versions and features of CATIA, while maintaining the openness that made 3DVIA Composer such a powerful communication tool, regardless of CAD software used.

Your existing maintenance and support is not affected.

This is the first step towards more exciting developments in the future. We look forward to bringing you even more cutting-edge technology to help advance your technical communication challenges with effective and exciting 3d experiences.

Still working on the website but you can download CATIA Composer even though It may still say 3DVIA Composer

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