TodCast #28 Customer Video Sample #1

This is the first customer video from one of our 3Dmojo users, Azhar Qazi.  Azar is a Mechanical Engineer  from India working for Precihole Machine Tools. He works in design and development of Air rifles as well as Deep Hole Drilling machines. As an additional activity he also creates content for marketing like rendered images, Composer animation, brochures, posters, and website activities. Self-taught in Composer, Azhar has been using Composer since 2012. You can check out some of his additional work at

All the maintenance videos are linked through a QR code that is pasted on the respective machine part. So the customer just needs to SCAN the code and can see the maintenance videos on his smartphone. Precihole showcased this feature at IMTS 2014, Chicago.


Azhar also used other features of Composer like creating a (draft) configurator for their air rifle models, Creating Multilingual BOM’s, Posters and also spare part lists (


Precihole even uses animation to convey their Machine designs to the customers.


I hope you enjoy the video  done entirely in Composer with audio added in a third party software and encourage all of you to submit your tips and techniques or just let us highlight some of your best Composer work.  I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Again you can email me at



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