Animation Library

CATIA Composer has been well known for its easy-to-define key frame based animations. However, it’s sometimes tedious to define each key for repetitive animation sequences. Thus, we implemented the Animation Library workshop to further improve the efficiency of animation definitions.


Inside the Animation Library, very useful functions were introduced. So, here, we will take a look at each of them.


Most basic animation sequences such as enhance, focus, install, unscrew, and roll are available in groups inside the ANIMATIONS field.


After specifying one of these basic sequences, you can fine-tune details of the parameters such as the starting time, ending time, opacity, color of flashing, moving direction, rotational axis, etc. to add your desired behaviors to the selection set.


The OVERVIEW field will give you a preview of the sequences defined in the PROPERTIES section. You can drag each bar to adjust the starting and the ending times of each movement.


By clicking on Create, you can see that Composer creates corresponding keys to the parameters specified for the selected actor.


This image shows an example of applying the Unscrew motion to the selected nut. According to the parameters specified in the Animation Library panel, Composer first created keys to flash the nut with the duration, the color and the number of flashing. Then, Composer added keys to rotate and translate simultaneously to give unscrewing effect.

In the image, you can also see that a red trace line is drawn to indicate the direction of the nut to be unscrewed. You can also notice that the red dots are placed along with this line. These dots indicate that there are corresponding keys defined in the Timeline.


For those who are confident with XML editing, we have good news for you; you can create XML files inside the “%UserProfile%\My Documents\CATIAComposer\User\AnimationLibrary\” folder to define customized behaviors for the animations and steps.

Together with the multi-timeline feature, we hope that this Animation Library will give you a further efficiency improvement for your animation definitions.

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