Composer R2019 Highlights

Our R2019 release delivers functions implemented based on customer inputs. The resulting enhancements help improve productivity and overall user experiences even further.

  • UI Updates/Improvements: The following items are newly available with the latest release:
    • Modernized icons for enhanced visibility
    • New command search input in the ribbon
    • Select Adjacent Parts
    • Display of the number of actors selected
    • Grouping hotspot/selection sets
    • Avoid overwriting backup data (Auto Save Versioning)
    • New indicator of Intelligent View at the right bottom corner
    • Lock views
    • Search Collaborative Actors
  • More Language Support:Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish are now supported.
  • Fixed Size Arrows and Red Line Display Control: New options are added in the Properties pane to fix the size of the linear arrow and show / hide red lines and construction lines for dimensions
  • Occlusion on Sync: Occlusion module is integrated into Sync and Enterprise Sync
  • Automatic Camera Key Creation in Animation Library: Camera keys are automatically added to the timeline while using the Animation Library. When Camera Centering is chosen as “Auto”, Composer will automatically add camera keys at the beginning and at the end of the step.
  • OpenGL Update: Implemented with the latest OpenGL libraries for more stable experiences with Intel HD graphics (like Surface Pro)
  • Support of CATIA V5-6 R2018 (R28): We can now import CATIA V5-6 R2018 (R28) GA files.
  • Support of Creo 4.0: We can now import Pro/E Creo 4.0 files
  • Better Support for SOLIDWORKS
    • Manage the new Envelope object from SOLIDWORKS.
    • Import PMI to enable 3D Master
    • Data management with SOLIDWORKS PDM with live cycle


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