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Fundamentals of Creating Great Technical Communication


Discover how to shorten production, minimize overhead and surpass your competition by creating modern assembly instructions with 3DVIA Composer.

Share with us how 3DVIA Composer has helped you in your daily missions !




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zSpace and Dassault Systemes Transform 3D Training and Learning

SOURCE: zSpace, Inc. September 10, 2013 09:39 ET The New 3DVIA Composer zSpace Experience Combines Innovative 3D Technologies to Provide Lifelike Training and a Learning Environment SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) -  zSpace, Inc., a technology…Read More

SolidWorks Composer: Automating the Creation of Controls Assembly Instructions

Leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the heavy duty truck and o? -highway construction and agriculture markets rely on ARENS Controls Company LLC. for by-wire control systems, power management technologies, and innovative operator interface…Read More

Cardiovascular Systems Inc. and SolidWorks Composer

Vascular disease has become a major health problem for more than 17 million people. Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI), is revolutionizing the treatment of vascular disease through the development of a disposable, diamond-coated catheter-based device…Read More

3DVIA Composer on Twitter


Hello everyone !

I would like to share with your our new account for 3DVIA Composer twitter : 3DVIA_Composer

Through this twitter account you’ll have all the latest information related to 3DVIA Composer or technical communication in general.

Feel free also to ask your questions and we will do our best to answer to them.

Show us your work (screenshot / videos) and we would be more than please to re-tweet it !

What are you waiting for ?



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Digital Manufacturing ? Yaris Kabin shows you the way!


Founded in 1976, Yaris began producing tractor cabs in a 1,000 m2 area in Turkey. Following the technology development and commitment to quality in the past 36 years, the company today operates on over 250,000 m2 working area with over 1,000 employees. Now Yaris has become the leading cab producer in Europe, exporting 70% of its product overseas.

Yaris had several challenges on their shop floor before:

  1. Need to accurately and instantly pick and install 60 to 80 part groups out 700 groups for customized orders
  2. Construction machinery assembly steps are intensely complex to explain and understand
  3. Customer’s cab projects require the installation guide, repair instructions, and spare part catalogs delivered all together.

In 2009, Yaris started implementing 3DVIA Composer and has witnessed ...

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Communicate with Composer ? Pol Eko has done it !


3DVIA Composer has been used in a very effective way by Pol Eko in Life Sciences industry to simplify their communication process and I wanted to share their use with you.

Pol Eko Aparatura is a producer of laboratory equipment, such as thermostatic cabinets, laboratory freezers, incubators, drying overs and climatic chambers. The company is also the first Polish manufacturer of waste water receipt stations.

The company had difficulties to show its products to its customers. They needed an effective tool that can showcase their product as the customer want it and in a short period of time.

3DVIA Composer allowed Pol Eko to show case laboratory equipment and laboratory rooms to its customer in high quality illustrations.

Here are some examples:

Pol Eko Screen 1

Pol Eko Screen 2



Pol Eko Screen 1

Pol Eko Screen 4

Other than improving its communicati...

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How Sany uses 3DVIA Composer to provide intuitive training and operating instructions.


3DVIA Composer has been used in a very effective way by one of our clients that belong to Industrial Equipment Industry in their training and operating instruction creation process and we wanted to share their use with you.

SANY Group is the sixth largest construction machinery producer in the world, with a diverse product line of concrete machinery, excavators, crawler cranes, truck cranes, pile driving machinery, road construction machinery, port machinery, and wind turbine solutions.

Sany is using 3DVIA Composer in 3 Steps :

Step 1

Process engineers import product 3D models into the application, design and create the assembly animation, adding necessary collaborators and annotation.

Sany screen 1

Step 2

In the operation standard editor, process engineers embed the animation in the correct posit...

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Hack a new Tom Dixon product


Tom Dixon and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to create the first open design competition based on a modular concept. Tom Dixon will give participants access to the design files of new products, and challenge them to re-configure and remix into different functional objects. The concept is also relying on the fact that the various parts and “joints”, may be 3D printed to give life to the final creation. The 3DVIA Composer users would probably be very happy to know that part of the competition is dedicated to creating the mounting & dismounting instructions of the participant’s creation!

The contest has started on April, 8th and they will accept submissions until June, 30. The winner will be chosen by the jury on July, 31st.

The winning entry, chosen by a jury including Tom Dixon, will r...

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Check out how 3DVIA Composer rocked JL Audio assembly instructions !


JL Audio is a company that makes high-end speakers and other audio devices for everything from cars, to boats, to motorcycles, anything you can imagine.

They had an issue that was on the assembly end. Basically, how do you deliver quality, intuitive instructions that have many applications (how do you install one speaker model in several different cars or boats) and still meet the customers’ high standards?

To solve this issue, JL Audio uses SolidWorks Composer to convert their 3D CAD speaker models into images and animations for assembly instructions and product manuals. It takes less time than taking photos and  the Composer images look a lot better than the digital photos JL Audio had used previously.  Check out these before/after pictures to get a better idea :

Before :

Installation visuals before 3DVIA Composer

After :

Installation visuals with 3DVIA Composer


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