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3DVIA Composer – V6R2013x Certification Exam


Recently, 3DVIA Composer team has released a new 3DVIA Composer - V6R2013x Certification Examcertification exam that has been updated to V6R2013x.  This certification focuses on 3DVIA Composer and offers customers, partners, DS employees, and students the opportunity to achieve accreditation in this area.  To be properly prepared it is recommended that test takers have at least 3-months of work experience using 3DVIA Composer.  Prior to taking the certification exam it is also recommended that test takers complete 20 hours of Companion training that is offered through the following link; 3DVIA Composer Essentials Companion.   This exam consists of approximately 50-70 questions that range in difficulty and all are multiple choice questions.  The certification exam is delivered in a secure proctored testing environment at any P...

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3DVIA your iPod #73: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 3



Here is yet another in-depth demonstration of a 3DVIA Composer integration to ENOVIA SmarTeam. This time you will see 3DVIA Sync Integration, 3DVIA Composer, CATIA, and ENOVIA SmarTeam all comimg together to create a very robust environment for creating, managing, and updating 3D animated content.

The example will show how SmarTeam meta data can be integrated into the 3DVIA Composer content, how the 3DVIA Composer file can be managed and updated by SmarTeam, and how CATIA modifications to the product structure can be automatically propagated into 3DVIA Composer.

Thanks again to Evgeniy Fedotov for the great sample integration and video.

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3DVIA your iPod #72: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 2



Back in Episode #64, you saw a great example of the power of 3DVIA Sync Integration and the ease and speed by which a SmarTeam integration can be built.

This podcast shows another example of integrating 3DVIA Composer into ENOVIA SmarTeam, in particular the ability to update Composer data with meta data modifications. The combination of Composer’s XML structure, associative labels that reflect current meta data values, and the ability to tie it all together into SmarTeam provides exceptionally robust capabilities for just about any customer-specific integration requirement.

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3DVIA your iPod #64: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Sample



We are often asked about whether 3DVIA Composer can be integrated into a PDM or PLM system. The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes”. With the power of 3DVIA Sync Integration and our open XML architecture, our customers have been able to create very robust integrations to their business systems such as Agile, SmarTeam, ENOVIA VPM, and many others. And the best part is that they were able to complete those integrations very quickly.

Jonathan RIONDET was in Dassault Systèmes Russia last week and had the chance to meet Evgeniy FEDOTOV, one of the application engineers for ENOVIA SmarTeam. To prove how easy it is to integrate 3DVIA Composer into SmarTeam, he was able to insert our free 3DVIA Player ActiveX control into SmarTeam, to enable 3DVIA Player as the viewer for SmarTeam...

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Dewoitine D520 dans 3DVIA Composer



Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter la dernière animation de BEAUVAIS Laurent, Consultant PLM Dassault Systèmes mais aussi passionné de maquettes et aviation.

Sa maquette numérique du Dewoitine D520 en poche, Laurent s’est lancé dans l’expérience 3DVIA Composer juste après une première formation. Un week end plus tard il nous proposait l’animation du montage de la maquette du célèbre avion.

Mais trêve de bavardage, je vous laisse plutôt télécharger et explorer cet exécutable !

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3DVIA your iPod #58: “3DVIA Safe, Part 2”



In Episode #54, Jonathan introduced 3DVIA Safe, and demonstrated how Secure 3D can be used to protect your intellectual property from reverse engineering. This week’s podcast shows another capability of 3DVIA Safe: “Right Manager”. Right Manager enables 3DVIA Composer authors to enable or disable certain functions in the 3DVIA Player.

Imagine if you had the flexibility to allow one 3DVIA Player user the ability to create cross-sections but not labels, or another user the ability to take measurements but not save them, or another user to only open the file for the next 10 days. With the Right Manager options of 3DVIA Safe, this flexibility becomes a reality. And not only can you set these options from within 3DVIA Composer, if you watch the previous podcast again, you will see Jon...

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3DVIA your iPod #57: “Using 3DVIA Sync to automatically update product deliverables”


3DVIA your iPod #57: “Using 3DVIA Composer Sync to automatically update product deliverables”

In any video program — podcast or network television — there’s occasionally a “can’t miss” episode. Number 57 — this episode — is one of those must see episodes.

In just about five minutes, this episode really puts it all together for you. Watch it over and over again to see the subtleties of what is going on and you’ll get the full understanding of what we mean by product information everyware.

In just a few minutes, Jonathan Riondet shows content creation, creating several deliverables so easily that it looks like one smooth motion. Then he shows how those deliverables can be automatically updated when the underlying product definition changes, such as when the CAD information changes. Of course, this data can be managed by a PLM system. And remember, we mean any 3D...

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3DVIA your iPod #56: “Using CATIA V5 metadata in 3DVIA Composer”


3DVIA-Composer-podcast-for-cad-and-plm-users-episode-56-Using CATIA V5 metadata in 3DVIA Composer

It is a real pleasure to begin yet another year with a new amazing demonstration of the power of product information everyware, as implemented by 3DVIA Composer.

One of the questions I hear almost every time we talk to CATIA users is, “what about metadata?” How does 3DVIA Composer re-use this critical CAD data when I want to create compelling product documentation directly from my CATIA V5 3D CAD data?”

And it’s an important question because that metadata — data about the 3D CAD data — is critical to producing accurate assembly instructions, technical illustrations and more. If you can’t easily get the data about the data from the digital product definition into your deliverables, then a significant piece of effectively automating the documentation process would be missing.

As you can ...

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Idé-Pro webinar



Next Wednesday, December 12 at 14:30 CET, Idé-Pro, a 3DVIA Composer partner based in Copenhagen, will present a 3DVIA Composer webinar.

Details (in Danish) are in the PDF you can download at the bottom of this post. For those who do not speak Danish, you might want to join in anyway to see the 3DVIA Composer demonstration, as our intrepid colleague, Garth Coleman, will deliver the demonstration in English.

You can register for the webinar (or watch a replay later) here. We look forward to seeing you next week.

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Making 3D particles in a beaker


3d particles in a beaker 

I was reading, and frankly, not completely understanding, this very interesting story in the MIT Technology Review about the creation of 3D particles in a new chemical process and it got me to thinking about the “end state” of ubiquitous 3D.

I wondered what the cultural and business meaning is of particles with “precisely structured internal parts”, a sort of 3D chemistry that expands 3DVIA Composer’s “product information everyware” vision in ways we’ve never thought about before.

What if the vision isn’t just about 3D for everyone, but becomes instead 3D chemistry in everyone? 

When microfluidics can efficiently make “particles with exquisite internal structure” don’t we have a classic assembly? Would there be a product tree for these particles?

It’s fun to speculate about what a ...

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3DVIA your iPod #52: “3DVIA Check”


3DVIA Composer podcast for CAD and PLM users, episode 52, 3DVIA Composer clash

I am very pleased to be able to bring yet another video episode to you today. You may notice that while the name of the podcast has changed to reflect our new branding, the actual video was recorded by Jonathan using the product formerly known as Seemage. (Prince fans, please forgive me.) That’s because we prepare these episodes in advance of their publication. With our hectic schedules,  the podcast contributors record episodes when they can, and I select the order in which we present them. The content is so good and has been so popular that I think it’s better to share episodes recorded before we shipped 3DVIA Composer than to waste these fascinating looks at the capabilities 3DVIA Composer offers.

So, with that offered as an explanation for what you see in the menus, concen...

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Dassault Systèmes Announces 3DVIA Composer


3DVIA Composer logo

Today, just six short weeks after acquiring Seemage, Dassault Systèmes announced that the former Seemage product has been enhanced and rebranded as 3DVIA Composer. You can read all the exciting details in the press release included in this post.

I would also like to remind everyone that we have a new “mini” website devoted to 3DVIA Composer at Also, our forums are up and running for discussion at and, of course, the blog posts and podcast series will continue here.

As part of this news, we have officially retired the Seemage name. So, if you see it anywhere, please let me know so we can remove it...

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3DVIA Composer achieves escape velocity


3DVIA Composer achieves escape velocity

So, first off I want to apologize to our regular readers and subscribers that we didn’t post a podcast episode last Friday as is our habit. We had FTP server problems. We’ll be back with some killer new episodes starting week after next (this is a holiday week in the US).

I was in France for the last two weeks working with our new colleagues to re-brand and re-package the former Seemage as 3DVIA Composer. That work has gone spectacularly. Our new name is just the beginning of what we intend to do to extend our vision of product information everyware in some fascinating ways.

In short, we have achieved escape velocity as an important part of DS’s global efforts. And customers are already taking notice.

Consider this snippet of an email thread I saw the other day:

We have been a...

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Goin’ Gangbusters



When a smaller company is acquired by a larger one, one of the questions people ask (and one you hear most often from the press and analysts) is, “Will the passion surrounding the acquired product get diluted as the technology is integrated into the acquirer’s operations?”

It’s a fair question because we have all seen that happen with great technologies before: lots of traction in the marketplace leads to an acquisition after which the technology disappears.

That’s not about to happen to Seemage. I offer two data points to make my case.

First, FISHER/UNITECH announced a partnership yesterday with Seemage and is in the vanguard of SolidWorks partners who are literally clamoring to begin delivering the world’s most advanced system for product documentation to their customers...

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I, for one, will feel safer now that Xype is training Airbus




I wanted to give a big shout-out to our master UK reseller, , who announced last week they have been appointed a major provider of education for Airbus.  Every time I get on an airplane, I marvel at the complexity of these machines and wonder if the people working on them — from design to maintenance — have the same appreciation of them.

I suspect airplanes blow me away because I am not flying in them every day. It’s a little like the old saying that if familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, it must produce at least boredom. I mean if you work on airplane engines every day of the week, your sense of wonderment has to fade a little, wouldn’t you think?

That’s why I am so pleased that Xype is on the job training Airbus folks in CAD, PLM and more...

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Industry analysts get it right


An industry analyst gets it right about Dassult’s acquisition of Seeamge

Inside the software business, it’s not hard to find people who think that industry analysts are out-of-touch with the marketplace and therefore aren’t worth the time and expense of briefing them.

I completely disagree, and as much as we might occasionally rail against an analyst’s opinion we disagree with, I believe that industry analysts, especially the ones who have broad experience in their industry space, can do the market great service by processing for customers what we inside the business say and do.

Here’s a case in point: Dick Slansky’s article summarizing Dassault Systèmes recent briefing for the analyst community summarizes succinctly two days’ worth of content and takes the time to describe DS’s “first life” vision of 3D across the enterprise and consumer markets...

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Seemage podcast for CAD and PLM users, episode 49, Seemage metadata search

In this week’s episode, Jonathan manages to show two amazing things about Seemage in less than two minutes. First, there is the search function, which allows you to rapidly find anything you need in a Seemage model.

More interestingly, by showing that it’s possible to search a Seemage model for metadata without having the part’s geometry loaded, Jonathan is making clear a fundamental point about Seemage: that Seemage is a property editor.  Anything (and everything) in Seemage is simply a property. So, if you want to search for a part number, it’s not dependent on the geometry.

It takes some thinking to grasp the concept, but once you do it’s clear why Seemage is both powerful and fast.

Thanks again to Jonathan for this week’s episode.

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Forked-tongue PLM



Well, now that the trade press is back from a few days in Paris courtesy of Autodesk, we’re getting the inevitable stream of stories (a typical example is here) giving legitimacy to Autodesk’s “digital prototyping” strategy.

I’m not surprised ADSK would try to create a new category for its strategy of offering piece parts of PDM and CAD. You know the old saying that if all you’ve got is lemons, you’d better make lemonade. That’s what it feels like when we read the details, such as they are, about digital prototyping.

Now some people reading this will be upset because they think that we’ve taken an anti-PLM stance on this blog and now that we’re part of Dassault, we are changing our stripes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All along, we have wailed about the costs and complexi...

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A clear path ahead for Seemage as part of 3DVIA



Over the last few days, we’ve gotten a lot of questions like, "What’s ahead for Seemage?" "Will you disappear as a separately-available product line?" Some of the more pessimistic of you have even asked, "When will you stop being CAD-neutral?"

I wanted to answer these questions last week. But if I had, it would have been more assumption and propaganda than fact, because now I’ve had the chance to hear what Chris Williams, Bruno Delahaye and the DS executive team is saying about the immediate and medium-term plans for Seemage.

So, based on a very exciting and intense week in which I participated in Bruno’s webinars to educate the sales force and executive meetings where planning is ongoing to apply DS’s resources increase the success of Seemage, I can tell you that there are some basic, ...

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