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Seemage your iPod #10: “The cyborg”


Our first podcast animation of 2007 might seem to be a scary way to launch the new year.

But for me it’s a message to all of us: 2007 is the year you should think hard about delivering desktop productivity (“desktop PLM”) to your users…or else.

I know…I know…you could see that one coming from a mile away.

And I know how propagandistic this sounds. But over the last two or three weeks, I’ve repeatedly seen the magic light go on in important people’s minds in meetings where Seemage has been presented to industry analysts and prospective partners.

After 20 to 30 minutes the cumulative effect of Seemage’s ease of use, openness and capabilities combines with the sheer “rightness” of finally doing something to deliver productivity to long-suffering PLM end-user victims to make it as obvious as s...

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Seemage your iPod #9: “Disassemble”


Well, it’s Friday again…and that means time for another Seemage animation.

Once again, Garth was busy on his vacation finding cool animations and converting them to iPod format. He’s found enough cool animations to keep us going for some time in 2007.

Once again, thanks to Garth and the others in Seemage who have shared not just product documentation, but what I think is a form of industrial art with us. Apparently you all think it’s art, too, since the number of downloads of these animation continues to grow.

Finally, since this our last post of 2006, on behalf of Seemage I want to thank our readers for their time spent on this blog. We hope we have found a unique (bilingual!) combination of news, views and content about which to engage with you...

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Seemage your iPod #8: “Motocross Jump”


We promised that this week’s animation would be good. Well, it’s so good, I simply couldn’t wait for Friday to post it.

Though the holidays begin this week, I know our hard-core “Seemage your iPod” subscribers would delay the start of their holidays just to get an updated feed this Friday (-:

But this animation just can’t wait that long. And I couldn’t stand the thought that this might get lost in the rush out the door Friday.

When you watch this, you will be amazed at some of the effects. Notice how the rider “revs” the engine with his right hand before the bike starts off. Be sure to catch him “peeling out” as the bike starts up and be careful that you don’t hurt yourself when you see the suspension flexing (both front and rear!) when the rider lands.

Nope…this video is way too cool to g...

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Seemage your iPod #7: “Motocross”


A couple of days ago, I posted a promise that we would really go up a notch in the the animations we are posting to our podcast feed. (Have you noticed that you can subscribe to this feed in iTunes or via RSS by simply clicking on the icon in the sidebar?)

Today, I am very pleased to to have the first of these new animations. Garth Coleman found this killer animation of a motocross bike with all kinds of cool visuals. From telling you how to remove the gas cap…to cross sections…to my favorite image (and the one I took for the still): the spoke nuts exploding out of the rims, this is one of the best animations we found in the “vault.”

Garth was up late re-encoding this for iPods and uploading it to the site, so I want to thank him for that. We hope you enjoy this animation...

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Seemage your iPod #6: “Windows Vista” (in English)


We had an astonishingly large response to the video we posted here about Seemage and Microsoft Vista in French. Now, we have another version of the video, this time with Bruno and Jean-Marcel speaking in English.

This is a special “bonus” podcast video for this week. We’ll be back on Friday with some ultra-cool Seemage-generated videos. Garth Coleman had me in his office today and showed me some amazing stuff that he’s promised to recode into iPod compatible format and which we’ll be putting into this feed over the next several weeks.

I am talking really cool: helicopters and dirt bikes and V8-engines.

But for now, enjoy this Windows Vista and Seemage video.

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Seemage your iPod #5: “The Arm Returns”


If it's Friday, it's time for another Seemage animation.

This week, I am pleased to offer for your iPod viewing pleasure the second installment of what I hope will become a series. (That all depends on what I can find on the server.) When we last left our Arm in episode #3, it was running alone on a track.

Today, I found on the server an animation which includes the arm on its track and some human forms processing its output. I especially like the way the "camera" swings up and over the assembly line to show the way the people are supposed to process the work.

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Seemage your iPod #4: “Windows Vista” (en français)


This post represents the end of our first month of podcasting! At first, people said, "Who would want to watch animations created from 3D CAD models? Are you crazy?" Well, it turns out that apparently a lot of you enjoy doing so…and I think that's because when they are taken out of their normal environment and looked at in a different way (as you can do via a podcast feed), they become something else…something more interesting.

Now that we have an established podcast feed, we want to experiment a little with it. For this Friday's episode, I hope you'll enjoy this clip that was produced as part of the Windows Vista launch this week in France.

While I don't speak French, I think this video clip has some extremely cool animations in it, and so it qualifies — at least in the broadest sense — a...

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Seemage your iPod #3: “The Arm”


In what's quickly becoming a Friday tradition, I am pleased to announce that our blog is back (and happily hosted in its new home) with another short animation for our podcast feed.

When you use Seemage, of course, the kinematics and reverse kinematics it's capable of producing are impressive. But this week's animation does more than simply illustrate the capabilities of the arm…I think this animation really does justice to the "industrial art" we think we see in the animations we are posting.

And, the more I watched it, the more it reminded me of the "walking hammers" from Pink Floyd's The Wall. I know it might be a stretch, but find a clip of that movie (we don't link from here to misappropriated content) and watch the famous animated sequence. Then watch this animation.

I don't think it...

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Seemage your iPod #2: “The Copier”


Based on the response to the last podcast animation we posted, there are a lot of you who, like me, find watching Seemage animations on your iPod interesting.

So, no matter what humorous things people are saying about us behind our backs (-:, we’re going to continue posting cool eye-candy-with-a-serious-meaning in this feed. And, we’ll have a little fun with it, too.

BTW, for those of you who want to subscribe just to the podcast feed, you should have your podcatcher look for updates from this feed. I discovered last week that in WordPress (the amazing blogging system we use), each category has its own feed. But if you want all the content we are posting (including the podcasts), just subscribe to the basic feed here.

Anyway, this week’s animation answers common, mystifying and previously ...

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Seemage your iPod


This is possibly the most exciting post I’ve written yet for

Garth Coleman, one of our salespeople, wanted to be able to show people at a trade show how Seemage animations look. So, he converted a couple of .avi’s to .m4v. When I saw it on an iPod, it struck me that we really do have a kind of art form here.

Now, I expect some abuse from folks about this…and I’ll admit it’s a bit propeller-head.

But it simply blows me away that that things that may never exist in the real world (although most Seemage animations and graphics come from 3D CAD files that are destined to be real products), can be animated, placed in the “world,” rotated and otherwise given a visual existence.

So, I’ve created a podcast feed (which I’ve submitted to the iTunes store…hopefully we’ll be listed shortl...

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