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3DVIA Composer – V6R2013x Certification Exam


Recently, 3DVIA Composer team has released a new 3DVIA Composer - V6R2013x Certification Examcertification exam that has been updated to V6R2013x.  This certification focuses on 3DVIA Composer and offers customers, partners, DS employees, and students the opportunity to achieve accreditation in this area.  To be properly prepared it is recommended that test takers have at least 3-months of work experience using 3DVIA Composer.  Prior to taking the certification exam it is also recommended that test takers complete 20 hours of Companion training that is offered through the following link; 3DVIA Composer Essentials Companion.   This exam consists of approximately 50-70 questions that range in difficulty and all are multiple choice questions.  The certification exam is delivered in a secure proctored testing environment at any P...

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Making 3D particles in a beaker


3d particles in a beaker 

I was reading, and frankly, not completely understanding, this very interesting story in the MIT Technology Review about the creation of 3D particles in a new chemical process and it got me to thinking about the “end state” of ubiquitous 3D.

I wondered what the cultural and business meaning is of particles with “precisely structured internal parts”, a sort of 3D chemistry that expands 3DVIA Composer’s “product information everyware” vision in ways we’ve never thought about before.

What if the vision isn’t just about 3D for everyone, but becomes instead 3D chemistry in everyone? 

When microfluidics can efficiently make “particles with exquisite internal structure” don’t we have a classic assembly? Would there be a product tree for these particles?

It’s fun to speculate about what a ...

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Wow…what a reaction



It’s been a very fulfilling and exciting 24 hours for everyone in Seemage since our acquisition by Dassault was announced.

First, I want to give a shout-out and thank-you to some of the more authentic bloggers in the community, people like Robin Capper (post here), Chris Kelley (here) and Josh Mings (here), for noting our big news and for encouraging us to continue the blog. We will.

We wouldn’t be true-to-form, however, if we didn’t have a response to the “traditional” CAD press, as expressed in their blog posts on the acquisition (Ralph Grabowski’s comment here and Randall Newton’s here).

Trust me, we don’t give a whit for Autodesk’s “tags” (whatever that’s supposed to be)...

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Innovation is a Full-Company Experience



A recent Boston Globe Magazine article (here; registration may be required) talks about a new generation of entrepreneurs who have the stamina to persist in building new businesses because they are, essentially, narcissists. The article asserts that this is necessary to overcome the challenges in building a business.

It’s bull.

Clearly, entrepreneurs need a great idea…but they also need the ability to get others to believe it and participate in the building of it. It’s about creating an ever-expanding community of interest in the idea: developers, marketers, salespeople, customers, and on and on.

That’s been the real success of Seemage. Eric and James had a searingly clear vision: product information everyware...

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Talking heads or product showcase…you decide


Seemage’s approach to marketing couldn’t be more different from Right Hemisphere’s

Last week, I watched a replay of Right Hemisphere’s recent webinar and then, for comparison, I watched the replay of our most recent webinar.

You couldn’t find a more different approach in the way the companies choose to present themselves and their technology. Our competitor chose to present an hour of discussion on the future of PLM. We chose to present our product in a live demonstration, using real customer data, in what we believe is a real-life example of typical problems people face creating rich product documentation.

I am astonished that in the 56 minutes of Right Hemisphere’s webinar they showed no product demo at all. By contrast, we begin to demonstrate Seemage as quickly as possible...

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Seemage your iPod #44: “Animating movement in Seemage”


Seemage podcast for CAD and PLM users, episode 44, Animating movement in Seemage

This week, our podcast episode demonstrates Seemage’s technological superiority in creating animations directly from 3D data. This episode, recorded by Franck Soulier (thank you, Franck!), shows how to create movement in Seemage animations.

I especially like that the object being animated here is a relatively simple thing: a skate board. This allows you to focus on the steps Franck uses to make that simple thing do something that is fairly complex: rotate and flip in space.

The real beauty of Seemage is that getting results like these is well within the capabilities of most users: you do not need to be an engineer or designer. Simple actions, sequenced on a simple-to-understand time line, make creating Seemage animations fast and easy.

Franck’s demonstration is a good example of ...

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Are you still in the “darkroom” about CAD file formats?


Using drawings to create product documentation is like using chemistry for photos instead of a digital camera

We’re back from a long holiday weekend here in the US, and I wanted to pick up the discussion thread started last week when we posted our assertion that the file translation problem has been solved.

Articulating that fact resulted in this comment from Deelip Menezes:

In the response to Scott Shepard, Alex says, “the manic focus on converting things obscures the need to do something with the info”. I could not agree more. I have a small question though. How the hell are you going to do something worthwhile with the info if you do not have the correct info to begin with?

With apologies to Deelip, I don’t want to get pulled into the sub-topic of file-format conversion accuracy, because that is, ahem, a religious war without solution.

Suffice it to say that I am happy to use a digital came...

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A user’s perspective on Seemage


Seemage is used to document Hyster forklifts

We are very pleased to post here an unabridged version of the article Gordon Benson of NACCO Materials wrote for Machine Design magazine.

As you read Gordon’s paper, we hope you will agree that the issues and challenges Gordon describes are universal no matter what CAD and/or PLM system your company uses, and that his approach to solving those problems in his company is applicable to your company as well.

Gordon places special emphasis on the ROI of better product documentation, something we believe is more and more evident inside manufacturing companies today. It’s the kind of thing you might expect software vendors to talk about. But it’s so much more authentic reading Gordon’s perspective than simply hearing it from us.

We want to thank Gordon for allowing us to post the original...

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CAD file conversion misses the bus


Thinking about CAD file format conversion without content creation is like missing the bus

Here at Seemage, we marvel at the amount of time and energy people spend thinking about file format conversions. In a nutshell, we believe this is a solved problem…that people who want or need to convert file formats can and do, easily and accurately.

We think the real issue isn’t about conversion…it’s about content creation. Customers tell us they need technology to allow departments outside engineering and design to create useful, accurate product deliverables. Our customers’ real challenge is to make it possible for end-users to achieve this in a compatible, secure way. (Naturally, we think Seemage matches this customer need perfectly.)

So, it never ceases to amaze me when I read a review of a product whose entire purpose…its complete market aspiration…its raison d’être is ...

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Seemage your iPod #31: ProductGrabber


Today, we have a real treat for you. For the first time ever, we have audio on our podcast. Jonathan Riondet shows us how you can mix and match saved views in Seemage to quickly view and analyze many different combinations. It only takes a minute and nine seconds to show this — a good example of how powerful and easy to use Seemage is.

And, if you look closely at the title bar, you’ll notice that what we are showing is in fact a sneak preview of a new release of Seemage. (Check back on the blog next week — hint hint — for more info about that.)

My thanks to Jonathan for recording this week’s episode and we hope you enjoy it.

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Up next: 3D CAD and PLM to create synthetic reality


When we talk about “product information everyware,” we mean that 3D models should be more widely leveraged inside manufacturing companies to ensure better service, support, education and marketing. After all, there’s hardly anything anymore than isn’t designed in 3D, so companies have their core assets in 3D models. Freeing those from the narrow uses they’ve been limited to so far is our mission.

Like all visionaries, you could sometimes accuse us of getting somewhat carried away by that vision (though we’d never admit it (-: ).

But now, I’ve run across something that makes us seem like cold-sober Swiss bankers.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are envisioning synthetic reality. This reality is actually created by 3D models, and sounds (to my untrained ear) like a new kind of physics. From 3...

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Behind the rise in PLM sales



As you probably know from reading our blog, we are attending COE and the PLM Summit this week in Las Vegas. Chris, Bruno and Eric are showing Seemage 4.0 in the CAA pavilion in TechniFair booth 408. If you are lucky enough to be at COE/PLM Summit this week, please stop by to see them.

While you are there, be sure to pick up a Seemage demo CD. In addition to lots of other cool Seemage materials, the CD has a Seemage animation that offers a solution to the devilishly complex wooden puzzles that we are also giving away in our booth. There’s almost no better demo than comparing the impossible-to-understand printed solution to the Seemage animation, which’ll have you solving the puzzle in seconds.

The importance of COE got me to thinking about what’s really behind the very optimistic PLM marke...

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Hot off the press..get yer new Seemage 4.0 data sheet!



We’ve just published a new data sheet for Seemage 4.0. Naturally, we’ll make these available on our web site, but I also wanted to post the data sheet here as well as a convenience for our blog readers.

I want to thank Fabien for his very attractive design for the Seemage 4.0 data sheets. I hope you’ll agree that we’ve made it informative, attractive and easy to read.

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Use Whatever CAD You Want – CAD versus Mockup



I was just reading the comment from R Weztel on "Wishful Thinking" ( and I got thinking about something I have long been thinking about…  Is CAD a Component design tool or an Assembly/Product design tool????  The CAD companies would certianly tell you it is a Product design tool, but after you visit 100's of cusotmers and look at their woking practices you find they constrain the tools to Component design tools.  A great example of this is the RULE many customers have about "Assembly Features (Features made in the assembly mode of the CAD system)".  NOT ALLOWED!  This is very interesting because the functionality is very powerful.  But the confussion of relations it creates reek havoc in the user community…

The reality is modern ...

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Babel, European style


It looks like I wasn't the only one thinking about the impact of non-mutually-intelligble CAD systems and their effect on EADS's A380. Both this post and, in particular, this Bloomberg story, have the gritty details. Suffice it to say that despite being "one company," German and French CAD systems kept their own identities inside Airbus despite the overwhelmingly obvious need to integrate them.

In short, it created an engineering tower of Babel, which has cost billions. Clearly, this will become the subject of many business school case studies.

The real question is, what now? While we don't know specifically what Airbus is doing, it's probably a good guess that they are not integrating CAD systems in the middle of this megaproject...

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Ceeping CAD Captive Causes Cost Creep, Cills Creativity


CAD prisoner

OK, so I had to work really had to come up with a string of C-based alliterations. (-:

But it's no joke.

Think about it: companies spend millions implementing sophisticated CAD systems and millions more improving product lifecycles with PDM/PLM solutions only to keep the resultant information bottled up in the engineering group.

What about sales? Marketing? Customer service? Aren't these fundamental business processes part of the product lifecycle? Don't they deserve to have the same level of rich access to product data as product development departments have?

In our thinking, "free you CAD files" is more than slogan, it's a business imperative. The question isn't "should it be done...

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