Pick your Kool-Aid flavor VERY carefully



You can pick your metaphor — drinking Kool-Aid, breathing fumes, swallowing the blue pill — but the result of any purportedly "open" collaboration between Microsoft and anyone else is a descent into the Matrix. And you'll never realize you are just the power source…uh, make that revenue source…for the continued monopoly of Microsoft and its "partners."

What's got me so bent outta shape? 3DXML. While we aren't the first to complain about it not being open, Dassault's recent Paris press event resulted in a new rash of public pumping up of the "grand vision" for 3DXML.

Why is it that one of these magic shows always accompanies the promotion of these pseudo-open standards? Simple: it's about focusing you on something else while you are slipped a closed, lock-in technology...

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Microsoft Plug-in catchup


UGS delivers a JT plug-in for Microsoft… big news? new news? I don't think so. Seemage has delivered plug-ins for Microsoft, Adobe, and the web since the company was founded in 2002. 

As we have always stated, simply viewing native data is not the problem nor the opportunity. USERS MUST BE ABLE TO AUTHOR CONTENT THAT MAKES SENSE TO THIER FUNCTION. It is this authored content that makes sense to view. This is why customers such as John Deere, Alcatel, and PSA have joined Seemage.

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It’s about the application…not the format


I've been thinking for a few days about how to respond to Martyn Day's article on 3D web-based viewing technology. 

I'm sensitive to the probable charge that we're simply pissed off (in the US sense, not the UK meaning of pissed, which is more fun, especially if you get to drink a few with Mr. Day) that Seemage wasn't mentioned. 

While I could quibble with this or that point, after thinking about it for a couple of days, I've come to the conclusion that while the article is accurate and fair (except we aren't included!), it inadvertently perpetuates a kind of myopia that persists in the CAD world, much to its detriment inside major corporations.

The question isn't, "which file format wins?" or "can CAD vendors agree on a really interchangeable portable format?"

The real question is, "wha...

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Sorry to get all bent out of shape so quickly…


I apologize in advance for being so snarky on my first content-oriented post here at 3DMojo.com, but I am sorry, there just aren't enough free electrons left in the universe to waste any of them on finding Easter eggs in a research project at Autodesk.

FYI…Easter eggs are little functions, usually credits, put in by the programmers which only display when users do odd things in the software. At big companies, they are "officially" banned. When they "leak" out in big companies' projects, we're supposed to think, "Ah ha! How innovative. Rigor mortis doesn't creep in there!" And we're supposed to believe that if they could've prevented it getting out, the marketing guys would've.

That's…what's the right word?…uh…hooey.

Sure it's fun to look for them...

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Thanks for the invite to blog here, guys


Wow! I’ve been invited to join Chris and Eric as one of the posters here on 3DMojo.com, and I am very pleased to be here.

I’m passionate about 3D because I saw what changes it can bring when applied to core processes. I watched the way AEC was transformed by parametric building modeling and always wondered what was next in the MCAD 3D space (since 3D flowed from there to AEC).

Then, I came across the Seemage system, I knew it was next. Why? Simple: now that everything — and I mean everything — from planes to can openers are designed in 3D — the battle to improve engineering is (largely) being won.

But the war to complete the 3D revolution moves on…to leveraging outside engineering and product design the enormous value that’s been accumulated in 3D design data .

The cool thing about all th...

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What makes you wanna kick the dog?


Well, if you saw my dog, not that much. It’s docile.

But, it the CAD world, acutally quite a lot makes me wanna kick something.

Here’s a good example.

While I am certain there are two or three manufacturing companies in Outer Mongolia building yurts for whom the challenges and politics of PLM are news, it’s just not the point. CAD people seem to think that all this political stuff is unique to CAD. Has anyone ever seen the blood on the floor over conversion to a new corporate database system? Now, thats better than watching the Red Sox fade in August.

The real point isn’t about getting the IT folks’ buy-in or making kissy-face with the end users. It’s about adding technology that people can use, that delivers value from previous investments.

That’s why we and the whole technology catego...

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Is $4.2M a lot or a little to put into legacy technology?


We'd be remiss not to note that Lattice Technology has just raised more funding.

Clearly, this is good for the argument we've been making here that the assets sitting in the bazillions of 3D design models inside corporations are begging to be set free for bigger and better uses.

And, equally clearly, we believe that Seemage is the next generation of technology that's needed to accomplish the emancipation of these models. 

With all due respect to Lattice, it's not just about XVL. It's about openness (we're XML-based) and making certain that whatever technology companies implement to leverage 3D design data can be integrated easily with CRM, PLM and ERP systems

Anyway, we're pleased to have the competition (though we know we've got something special in the Seemage system) because smart b...

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Empower the people… free your CAD files


CAD and CAD Data has generated a cult like fetish. 
Everyday you hear people talking about viewer wars or how the CAD companies should unlock their data.  I'm amazed by the energy and focus people put into these conversations when it is clear why this data will stay locked in proprietary databases. 
The CAD user is in an exclusive club…
  • A complex catechism for skilled experts only
  • Expensive systems, expensive people
  • Total worship of making better products faster

Don't get me wrong, CAD applications and the skilled CAD user has created a massive corporate value.  I would even go as far as to say this value in many cases has gone un-noticed by many in the organization, as they have just taken the gains as something to be expected.

The problem is the exclusion of other value…

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Isn’t an explosion always in 3D?


So, what’s the real, long-term meaning behind the explosive growth in Autodesk’s 3D business last quarter?

It’s simple: more and more products are totally, completely and permanently being designed in 3D. The days of CAD as a “computerized pencil” are over. (Those of us who’ve been in the business for a while have two reactions to this. First, it’s about time. Second, we just hope the neo-Luddites who said it’d never happen realize how wrong they’ve been proved to be.)

As with any technology revolution, now that design is 3D and 3D is design, we have to look beyond just product creation and on to sales, marketing, support, maintenance and training.

That’s next. That’s the next growth opportunity.

Yes, it’s where we are, what we do...

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Seemage releases version 3.2


Seemage 3.2 press release

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Seemage lance la Version 3.2


La nouvelle version garantit une qualité produit supérieure, permet une création plus rapide de la documentation et vient avec une assistance client améliorée.

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Ceeping CAD Captive Causes Cost Creep, Cills Creativity


CAD prisoner

OK, so I had to work really had to come up with a string of C-based alliterations. (-:

But it's no joke.

Think about it: companies spend millions implementing sophisticated CAD systems and millions more improving product lifecycles with PDM/PLM solutions only to keep the resultant information bottled up in the engineering group.

What about sales? Marketing? Customer service? Aren't these fundamental business processes part of the product lifecycle? Don't they deserve to have the same level of rich access to product data as product development departments have?

In our thinking, "free you CAD files" is more than slogan, it's a business imperative. The question isn't "should it be done...

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Susan Smith of AEC Cafe gets the Value of Interactive 3D


As Susan just wrote in her article, Interactive 3D Environments Replace CAD Drawings the value of reusing CAD data is made greatest when you move from viewing to interactive. 

For instance a service person wants to understand how to service a product or during the product development process they want to define/design the service procedures for the product.  Value is created for the service person by seeing the product with respect to / in context to, the service procedures.  Viewing the raw CAD data, while important, it is not what creates the value.  Value is created by authoring context and/or interacting with the authored context.

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A new blog, but an old problem


The long journey   Welcome to 3D Mojo!

3D Mojo is a blog for those people who believe in the reuse of 3D design data across the organization.  At 3D Mojo we believe you free your CAD data when you give it some mojo and once you have added a little mojo you can live the true reuse dream of "Product Information Everyware". 

Huge value can be gained when you take existing 3D CAD data couple it with attribute information, stored in CAD, PLM, ERP or other, and as an example author deliverables such as user documentation, customer service manuals, or assembly instructions.  Many organizations and individuals that support, assemble, design, or maintain your companies product can be made more efficient by improving the deliverables they work with. 

3D Mojo is for anyone that has a point-of-view on this subject...

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Everyone knows that CAD has significantly accelerated and improved product development cycles. Everyone also knows that an inability to reuse this information across the enterprise is still a bottleneck. At 3DVIA Composer we provide the tools to free your CAD data and achieve the dream of product information everyware. 

“Product information everyware” does not just mean viewing.  More important is the ability to author content that makes sense to business functions and individuals that are not engineers and CAD users.  The investment in CAD has certainly paid dividends, but returns can still be reaped...

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