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TodCast #20 Custom Rendering


Don’t forget about Custom Rendering. 

Win friends, influence people, look like a big time illustrator, whatever reason you can think of, custom rendering in 3DVIA Composer is easy and a powerful way to highlight specific parts and produce cool illustrations.

If you have not tried it yet, you should.

Enjoy Custom rendering,



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Adjusting graphics profile for your environment



One of the most frequently asked questions we see is about the stability of the application. Fundamentally, in most cases, it’s the compatibility issue of graphics accelerators. It may be necessary to update the graphics driver, change the parameters to configure the graphics card, etc. to keep stable operations on 3DVIA Composer or 3DVIA Composer Player.

However, here is a very easy way to configure the settings.

Accessing Application Preferences in 3DVIA Composer:

Accessing Application Preferences in 3DVIA Composer Player:

In both 3DVIA Composer and 3DVIA Composer Player, please find the Profile selection box at the top right corner of the Application Preferences dialog.


Here, we have 4 choices to specify the graphics profile.

The “Safe” profile will not use the hardware accelerator...

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TodCast #17 Multiple language using Meta-properties and Intelligent Views


Today’s diverse workforce’s presents unique challenges when creating assembly and service procedures. Not everyone speaks or understands the native language. This challenge is also true for global sales and marketing content – how do you efficiently create compelling content in multiple languages?    3DVIA Composer’s powerful linking and intelligent views capabilities provide an easy solution.  Enjoy!






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