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Adjusting graphics profile for your environment



One of the most frequently asked questions we see is about the stability of the application. Fundamentally, in most cases, it’s the compatibility issue of graphics accelerators. It may be necessary to update the graphics driver, change the parameters to configure the graphics card, etc. to keep stable operations on 3DVIA Composer or 3DVIA Composer Player.

However, here is a very easy way to configure the settings.

Accessing Application Preferences in 3DVIA Composer:

Accessing Application Preferences in 3DVIA Composer Player:

In both 3DVIA Composer and 3DVIA Composer Player, please find the Profile selection box at the top right corner of the Application Preferences dialog.


Here, we have 4 choices to specify the graphics profile.

The “Safe” profile will not use the hardware accelerator...

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TodCast #15 Filters are your Friends


Filters are your friends for time saving searches and isolating the actors you need.
These filter tips and tricks should help make you more productive and life just a bit easier leaving more time to enjoy your real friends. Filters are terrible at conversation anyway.


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3DVIA Composer – V6R2013x Certification Exam


Recently, 3DVIA Composer team has released a new 3DVIA Composer - V6R2013x Certification Examcertification exam that has been updated to V6R2013x.  This certification focuses on 3DVIA Composer and offers customers, partners, DS employees, and students the opportunity to achieve accreditation in this area.  To be properly prepared it is recommended that test takers have at least 3-months of work experience using 3DVIA Composer.  Prior to taking the certification exam it is also recommended that test takers complete 20 hours of Companion training that is offered through the following link; 3DVIA Composer Essentials Companion.   This exam consists of approximately 50-70 questions that range in difficulty and all are multiple choice questions.  The certification exam is delivered in a secure proctored testing environment at any P...

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