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TodCast #29 Use Styles for Consistency


Styles are a very powerful and probably an under-utilized feature that can really help make your Composer experiences more consistent. In one example from the forum, a user was adding spaces to text panels to make them the same size. I see users all the time that will make a new panel and change the color, position and size over and over again and manually   move them around to the same position. When I show them how to do this with styles usually the first comment is “I wish I would have found this a long time ago”

So here you go, today’s Quick Tip – Use Styles for consistency.

Just thought I’d add a little note. If you do want to add spaces and keep them, use the Character map tool for spaces in Windows and create the style with that...

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Calling all Heros



It’s time to show off your Composer skills.

In talking with users at trade shows and customer sites many of you have developed really cool tips and tricks of your own to help speed up your production or help in specific situations.

Why not show off those skills and be a hero to others who may have similar needs. In the near future, we will be taking submissions from our users and resellers to help you do just that.

We realize that some of you may have cool ideas but may be a bit shy so you may not want to make a recording of yourself. We can help there too. If you submit a “rough” of either an idea or technique in any forum maybe it’s just screen grabs and a written procedure or a rough Camtasia screen recording I’ll be happy to re-record and give full credit to you for your ideas...

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Easily Use Your Drawing Frames for Technical Illustrations Just with 3DVIA Composer Standard Functions!


When creating technical illustrations with 3DVIA Composer a frequently asked question is how to show a drawing frame with title block in the generated vector outputs.

With the Model Browser it’s easy to create a library of drawing frames including the necessary text fields. The video shows how to create a standard A4 drawing frame with text fields and how to use it from the model browser for technical illustrations.

As usual for 2D drawings you’ll need one template for each paper size (paper space) you’re using. But have a look at the video… it won’t take more than 5 minutes for each.

Enjoy… and just ignore the German title block 🙂


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