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Use Milestones to snapshot in-between steps


One of the newly implemented functions of CATIA Compsoer R2016x is Milestone. Each Milestone can be placed anywhere in the Marker field from the right-click menu, so that you can define a specific frame of an animation sequence to be captured and created as an raster image.

Inside the High Resolution Image workshop, you can turn on the Milestones checkbox in order to generate multiple images corresponding to defined Milestones with one batch execution. This should be convenient to generate raster images directly from animation frames, regardless of Marker locations.

Defined Milestones can be seen from the Markers panel.

Markers are useful to define animation sequences in order to show steps of assembly or maintenance works...

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Animation Library


CATIA Composer has been well known for its easy-to-define key frame based animations. However, it’s sometimes tedious to define each key for repetitive animation sequences. Thus, we implemented the Animation Library workshop to further improve the efficiency of animation definitions.


Inside the Animation Library, very useful functions were introduced. So, here, we will take a look at each of them.


Most basic animation sequences such as enhance, focus, install, unscrew, and roll are available in groups inside the ANIMATIONS field.


After specifying one of these basic sequences, you can fine-tune details of the parameters such as the starting time, ending time, opacity, color of flashing, moving direction, rotational axis, etc. to add your desired behaviors to the selection set.


The OV...

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