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TodCast #27 CATIA Composer Moto Demo



Here is just a few possible use cases for CATIA Composer showing some nice examples in Sales and Marketing, Quality Assessment, Customer Support and Services, Manuals and Technical Documentation, and Engineering and Manufacturing using imported PMI from CATIA.

BTW,  We are still looking for customer demo videos, possible tips or any other Composer skills you would like to highlight. One Customer has just submitted one and I’ll be posting it soon.

Come on, lets see what you got, show off your skills impress your co-workers.


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TodCast #26 3DVIA becomes CATIA Composer


You probably noticed some changes when you got to 3DMOJO.

New logo and colors, whats up? You might say, “but I’m not a CATIA user.”  Not to worry, its all good 3DVIA Composer is now called CATIA Composer.  This is an exciting development which promises to be help for all Composer users.

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes’ pioneer brand. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation. As Composer is professional content authoring software for the communication of engineering data, it makes sense to bring it into the CATIA family.

This transition allows us to access the latest CAD technologies, ensuring CATIA Composer is up to date with current versions and features of CATIA, while maintaining the openness that made 3DVIA Composer su...

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3DVIA Composer brings virtual online training to “A Roof in My Country” in Argentina


This announcement was posted a few days ago:

“Un Techo Para Mi Pais,” (UTPMP), recognized by the United Nations as one of the non-governmental organizations best suited for public-private partnerships, gives disadvantaged families a new start by offering the security found in a new home,  along with the social, educational and micro-financing services needed to create a responsive community or “barrio” where they can thrive.

But like many volunteer organizations, UTPMP faces the challenge of how best to train new volunteers while capturing the lessons learned by others leaving the organization.  To do this, UTPMP is creating a real-time and online 3D community for sharing and retaining organizational knowledge.

3DVIA Composer to the rescue! This sort of remote training is ideall...

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KaVo and 3DVIA Composer


KaVo Dental

KaVo is one of the recognized leaders in the global dental equipment marketplace, and they are using 3DVIA Composer to realize some very powerful productivity gains. If you missed their presentation at ECF in November, you can learn more about their story by reading this case study put together by our friends at IBM.

They are using 3DVIA Composer to more quickly produce and update assembly instructions, and to provide clearer, more comprehensive information to the shop floor associates — which they expect will reduce errors and improve product quality.

IBM was able to deliver an integration directly with ENOVIA LCA and their ERP system, collecting the intelligence needed by the manufacturing and technical publication teams while enabling the automatic creation of 3DVIA Composer files upo...

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3D Digital Manufacturing: Treehuggers Unite!


tree hugger

I was just reading Patrick Michel’s article in Manufacturing Business Technology. It’s a pretty good read, as he makes people aware that “being green” in manufacturing doesn’t necessarily mean implementing the stereotypical alternative fixes such as solar panels on the plant roof.

While he is mostly talking about plant layout and simulation, using 3D web based digital manufacturing solutions, what really caught my eye was the comment someone gave at the end of the article:

The use of paper is still utilized and graphics and instructions are created for hand off to mechanics. It is in many cases too difficult to provide a laptop with the information, the laptop becomes cumbersome and difficult to maneuver and the opportunity for damage and theft to occur rises.

When you think about digital...

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