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TodCast #27 CATIA Composer Moto Demo



Here is just a few possible use cases for CATIA Composer showing some nice examples in Sales and Marketing, Quality Assessment, Customer Support and Services, Manuals and Technical Documentation, and Engineering and Manufacturing using imported PMI from CATIA.

BTW,  We are still looking for customer demo videos, possible tips or any other Composer skills you would like to highlight. One Customer has just submitted one and I’ll be posting it soon.

Come on, lets see what you got, show off your skills impress your co-workers.


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TodCast #26 3DVIA becomes CATIA Composer


You probably noticed some changes when you got to 3DMOJO.

New logo and colors, whats up? You might say, “but I’m not a CATIA user.”  Not to worry, its all good 3DVIA Composer is now called CATIA Composer.  This is an exciting development which promises to be help for all Composer users.

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes’ pioneer brand. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation. As Composer is professional content authoring software for the communication of engineering data, it makes sense to bring it into the CATIA family.

This transition allows us to access the latest CAD technologies, ensuring CATIA Composer is up to date with current versions and features of CATIA, while maintaining the openness that made 3DVIA Composer su...

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Generating Missing Parts


When creating an automated work instruction or technical illustration what do you do when your source data does not include all of the required parts? Here I show a basic technique using 3DVIA Composer to generate a missing part.


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Check out how 3DVIA Composer rocked JL Audio assembly instructions !


JL Audio is a company that makes high-end speakers and other audio devices for everything from cars, to boats, to motorcycles, anything you can imagine.

They had an issue that was on the assembly end. Basically, how do you deliver quality, intuitive instructions that have many applications (how do you install one speaker model in several different cars or boats) and still meet the customers’ high standards?

To solve this issue, JL Audio uses SolidWorks Composer to convert their 3D CAD speaker models into images and animations for assembly instructions and product manuals. It takes less time than taking photos and  the Composer images look a lot better than the digital photos JL Audio had used previously.  Check out these before/after pictures to get a better idea :

Before :

Installation visuals before 3DVIA Composer

After :

Installation visuals with 3DVIA Composer


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Using 3D scanning for improved documentation


Ever had the need to document something in 3D, but not had the data in electronic, 3D format? Do you wish there was a better way to work with that data without having to spend hours re-modeling it in CAD?

Creaform used an innovative hand held scanning approach to combine existing CAD and physical data into a solution to meet a very demanding timeline to produce interactive assembly instructions for an aircraft OEM.

Click here and go to Page 16 to check out the article in this month’s digital edition of Design Product News.

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